Sawdust Lake is located in Northern Ontario, and the weather can change rapidly and dramatically, so you will need to bring a variety of clothes and rain gear.

In addition we would recommend the following items:

  • Flyrods of the 5 - 6 wt range will handle most situations. A range of flylines from full fast sinking to floating.

  • You may wish to bring an 8 wt floating line as well to facilitate the casting of larger flies for Northern Pike.

  • All of your leaders tippets, flies, and fly tying materials that you think you may need. Large flashy salt water type flies with wire trace work well for Pike. The rainbows at Sawdust have a widely varied diet of just about every type of insect, nymph, leach and chironomid that you can imagine.

  • Although the fishing in the area is superb there are NO outfitters supplying fly fishing equipment so you will need to bring it all with you.

  • Toiletries of a personal nature. Items such as soap, towels and linens are supplied.

    Groceries as required may be purchased in the area, with Iroquois Falls being only 10 minutes away.